Technology Center

April 10, 2017

Cycle 54

3/27/17 – 4/7/17

Work Complete


  • Updated faculty merit report to get advising history from new Student database.
  • Add Course (e.g. recurring curriculum) to nightly batch updates from the UW Student Web Service.
  • Add fill UW Term data (quarter start, end dates) to nightly update process.
  • System now generates offerings required by repetition rules each night.
  • All system updates original run quarterly have been optimized and moved to the nightly update system. Quarterly update code is deleted from the project.
  • Budget change report can be downloaded as a CSV spreadsheet.
  • Research Associate Dean section added to the course load report.
  • Faculty activity report accessible by Academic Support Team.
  • About page updates to attachments, policy statements, and course program & faculty affiliation.


  • Added Completed Advisees list to faculty page. This list can also be downloaded as a CSV spreadsheet.
  • Faculty advising history web service. This provides data to faculty merit report view in Courses system while keeping domain logic around faculty advising history in the Student system.
  • Fixed issue where tracked issues were not created for students that had "Expected" complete records.
  • Modified the quarterly batch transcript update to not process credit counts. Credit counts require the full transcript history. Credit counts are refreshed from full transcript, per student, when a use expands the credits section on the student detail. Changed the –again argument on this batch to override "fresh cache" as well as "quarter processed" conditions.
  • Quarterly batch transcript update will use an EDW/SDB connection, when available, to query what is the latest quarter with grade data posted.
  • Simplified the report filters on Tracked Issue report. The previous filters were unclear and generated unexpected results.
  • Deleted empty cohort groups. Changed L4L cohort configuration to every 3 years.
  • Group names in header on a specific student's detail page are now links to view the entire group.
  • Nightly student data load from EDW/SDB will search for new COE student majors nightly.
  • Course need report added. This report uses course milestone configuration to provide a list of students who need to complete a specific course.
  • Added list of students who have multiple advisors in the current quarter. Resource for cleaning up advisor history records.
  • Fixed system loses ability to query UW Student Web Service (SWS) when student is assigned a new RegID identifier. When our system receives a Not Found error it will automatically check for a change in RegID and re-run requested query.
  • Repeat button on edit Placement form creates a copy of placement record with same mentors.


  • The system context menu (top right, lists all COE information systems for switching) now includes link to "College Reports". This is an index of PDF documents and Tableau reports located in the COEIR blog.