Technology Center

March 27, 2017

Cycle 53

3/13/2017 – 3/24/2017

Work Complete


  • Add application creation by staff for ECFS transfer students. These students will apply to UW via College Net and ECFS staff will receive email notification of application. We wanted to remove the second step for applicants, but still have all applications reviewable in one place.
  • Show faculty which admitted students are coming. New report for Applicant Intent and dashboard cards also display intent message.


  • Refined table sorting for columns with academic quarter values.
  • New permission sets for editing course-release data. This allows Associate Deans to delete course-releases.
  • Duplicate button on course-releases to continue same policy for following academic years.
  • Update process now includes offerings with "suspended" status in UW Time Schedule. Some offerings were incorrectly being displayed as cancled in the courses database.
  • Course plan is final on 11th day of quarter. This means offerings will be locked from edits and and fully update from UW Time Schedule. Previously this would happen after quarter ended. Any offerings in plan that are not in the UW Time Schedule will also be canceled on 11th day.


  • Grants data moved to a "grants" database, extracted from STEP student data.


  • Refactor person update to separate out update processes into logical code components. The person update rules had grown over time to the point where they were no longer clearly readable in the code.
  • Add automated testing to the person update service.
  • Extend the person update service to provide a matching strategy on first name + last name + birthdate. This strategy will be used for ECFS application entry.


  • Report of issued Washington certificates by UW academic year.
  • Certificate checklist report provides overview of certification process for a specific cohort.
  • Student number zero padded in student detail header.
  • Report of students who should have faculty academic advisor and do not.
  • Advising end quarters are set when degree complete records are imported from the UW SDB.

Test Scores

  • CBEST test scores converted to 3 separate subject matter scores. This allows CBEST scores to be configured as evidence of Basic Skills Proficiency for state certification.