Technology Center

March 10, 2017

Cycle 52

2/20/17 – 3/3/17

Work Complete


  • Log for instructor change. This will support fiscal reporting.
  • Repitition rules now only fill A/B term for summer quarter course offerings.


  • Updated authorization views for Student 2 launch and STEP retirement.


  • RSVP heading size reduced for tablet / phone screens.
  • Added timezone to event metadata to support traveling attendees.


  • Fixed student status display on table views to be clearer and consistent with header on student detail.
  • Add Certificate / Endorsement form that matches existing STEP workflow.
  • On-leave report has export to CSV spreadsheet implemented.
  • On-leave report now includes graduate students with UW status last quarter (either enrolled or on-leave) who do not have status this quarter.
  • On-leave import only generates leave records up to one year in future. SDB data (possibly erroneous) has some students on-leave for several years from now.
  • Rebuild of on-leave load from SDB. Previous process tried to use on-leave information from enrollment query, but missed records where the student has been on-leave for several quarters. Refactor of student data load reorganized tasks into more logical, manageable segments.
  • General users have been removed from STEP.
  • Tested and implemented strategy for removing withdrawn students from faculty advisee lists. These students will be removed by setting advising end quarters for the last quarter student was enrolled.
  • Milestone report removed from menu. This report had unclear meaning and data update issues. We will regroup and clarify requirements with business owners.
  • Doctoral credits progress bar fixed to include course levels 400 and above.
  • Added credits progress bars for Masters credits.
  • L4L cohort configuration changed to new cohort every 3 years.
  • Certificate and Endorsement view is updated to display when endorsements belong to a specific Certificate. Orphan Endorsements can still be added (as expected endorsements) and these are listed individually at the bottom of the Certificate / Endorsement list.
  • Final sync of WA state OSPI Certificate Numbers from STEP to Student 2.