Technology Center

February 6, 2017

Cycle 50

1/23/2017 – 2/3/2017

New Student database is officially launched. Old STEP database is still available for reference, but will no longer be updated. Links to Student database are updated to new system and STEP has a retired message on the front page.

Work Complete


  • Teacher certificate view on student detail.
  • Milestones for ECO program.
  • Optimized the "latest" quarter major and fixed this so it would be limited to the current quarter or earlier. When a future quarter has upcoming registration data it will not become the latest quarter enrolled.
  • Cohort rules built and displayed under Settings menu.
  • STEP sync task only syncs cohort membership. Cohort configuration now owned by Student 2.
  • System to populate cohorts based on cohort configuration.
  • Fixed problem where advisor with no start date in STEP were added multiple times.
  • Can rename cohorts from menu on cohort student list view.
  • Institution reports shows institutions with COE placements for a specific quarter.
  • Links on college website and context menu updated to point to Student 2. About pages and STEP home page updated to indicate STEP retired and Student database is system of record.
  • Edit tool for student career and alumni emails.
  • Edit tools for mentor list.


  • Convert "About Yourself" (half sheet) form to new college website template.
  • Ethnicity selector in bulk email tool.
  • Log RSVP events to prospect activity log.
  • Opt in language on RSVP form.
  • Added hero images to RSVP form.

Test Scores

  • Relinked test score requirements configuration to Certificate and Endorsement data in Student 2 database. (Previously referred to STEP)