Technology Center

January 23, 2017

Cycle 49

1/9/2017 – 1/20/2017

More work on Student 2 this cycle. Planning on a rollout meeting Thursday, Feb 2.

Work Complete


  • New rubric form prompts for program category. This value is used to organize rubric list on "Enter Scores" page.
  • Make sure tally runs in all rubric creation workflows. Found a bug where creating a new rubric as copy of last year and not changing anything creates rubric in incomplete state.
  • Fixed "Enter Scores" page was not respecting lock, it was showing rubrics that were still under construction.

Student 2

  • Access control updated for placement tools.
  • Moved Tracked Issues into requirement sets. This allows Tracked Issue creation rules to vary by degree & program.
  • Configured Tracked Issues for undergraduate programs with different low grade, low GPA threshold.
  • Added ECFS expected courses as Milestones.
  • Added student number to standard student header.
  • Import UW applied to graduate data and displayed in Student 2.
  • Staff can add expect to graduate (in X quarter) to a student record.
  • Display UW total credits including transfer credits and official cumulative GPA.
  • Tracked issue rules for undergraduate based on cumulative GPA.
  • Teaching Certificates data model and import process to bring existing data over from STEP.


  • Fix for email message ingestion crashing with large email messages.