Technology Center

January 9, 2017

Cycle 48

Dec 12, 2016 – Jan 6, 2017

We doubled up the development cycle for the holiday shortened weeks at the end of the year. This cycle saw some fixes to Courses, Tech Support, Test Scores and more work on the Recruitment RSVP tool. We continued to forge ahead with Student 2, focus on Placement data, still planning to officially launch and retire STEP middle of this month.

Work Complete


  • Add student intent fields to spreadsheet export file.


  • Returned the edit person link for AST to allow update of faculty sequence numbers.


  • More work on the RSVP feature, still in testing. Work with Google Map integration. More work on event RSVP metrics. Different fields for online and physical events.

Student 2

  • Added future quarter to nightly population updates from EDW. Our student queries are based on COE majors. When students register for courses in future quarters the registration record appears, but the student's major for that quarter is not filled in until near start of quarter. Added a process that uses last quarter's majors and next quarter's registrations to capture most upcoming registrations.
  • Added student class level to system. This is displayed alongside BA degrees and available in downloaded reports.
  • Resolved issues with cleaning out deleted data during EDW import.
  • Provided link to application in Appreview (when that record exists) in Student… menu on student detail page.
  • Provided link to (experimental feature) Record. Student Record attempts to group quarters together relevant to specific degree or certificate.
  • Moved quarter logic to a shared component. Updated most references to redundant code.
  • Created database and system entities for placements including Placement, Placement Types, Instituion, and Mentors.
  • Placement configuration tools, including optional fields, and delete handling (provides options to delete related placements or convert them to another placement type).
  • Created a STEP sync task that imports existing placement data into Student 2. Repeatable during transition process.
  • Placement display on student detail. Placement views use placement type configuration to display appropriate time periods and optional fields.
  • Report of Placements at a specific Institution.
  • Report of Placements in a specific School District.
  • Create, edit, delete Institutions.
  • Create, edit, delete School Districts.
  • Placement edit form. Multi-step form that changes inputs based on Placement Type configuration (time period, optional fields, PESB fields). PESB fields are prefilled with PESB defaults and displayed in a separate block for user input clarity. Ability to add new Institution or new Mentor record and return to Placement form in state you left it.
  • New Mentor addition tools to simplify data entry. Users are automatically prompted with Mentors that current student has on other Placements and other Mentors at the selected institution.
  • PESB default values by Placement type with tools to globally apply these defaults.
  • Google map pane on Institution view.
  • Report of Placements for students in a Cohort. User selects Cohort and quarter of placement.

Tech Support

  • Moved tech support email footer configuration to the department level. Each department can configure their own footer.
  • Fixed "missing person" message when displaying new tickets not yet assigned to any tech.
  • Updated user edit tool to accept UW NetID as unique identifier. This deep linking from our multi system user management tool.

Test Scores

  • Fixed an error where system would redirect to a non existent view after adding a WEST-B score with no reading component.
  • Display recently added scores on test score home page. This will display scores added in the last 60 days and if the scores were successfully linked. This should help staff interested in test scores understand state of data.
  • Added user management to test scores. Added viewer & admin roles allowing users to be given permissions simply to view test scores vs being able to add, link, and delete them.


  • Updated to latest "Typeahead" input. This input accepts typed user input and provides suggested matches. We use this in several places for selecting Person records, but also for student groups and now for Placement Mentors. New version bulk downloads inital suggestion list and caches suggest list for better performance and also throttles subsequent update requests, preventing occasional server errors.
  • Refinements to access mangement. Less reliant on testing permissions based on URL pattern and transitioning to checking gates in relevant controller methods. This approach is more tranparent about checks that are happening and less prone to authorization holes when routing changes.