Technology Center

August 15, 2016

Cycle 41

Aug 1 – Aug 12, 2016

Work Complete


  • Can now add users that don't have a person record in the system.


  • Fixes in Uwnetid scrubber
  • Form defaults for course releases to speed data entry.

Student (STEP)

  • Report that lists edTPA scores for all students in a TEP cohort.

Student 2

  • Requirements gathering, meetings with SMEs including ECFS, TEP, OSS. Work out plan for Credit Counts, Milestones, and Placements.

Tech Support

  • Add departments to ticket system to allow Haring Center support requests to be tracked in same system.
  • Update email ingestion to allow email to to go to ticket system and to automatically be assigned Haring Center department.


  • Build new web servers for Institutional Research. Install infrastructure software, applications and databases.
  • Move EDUC project to default application. Configure new server for UW authenticated portal and anonymous portal.
  • Redirect application that will display "Down" message during migration and then redirect to new server after.
  • Refine Shibboleth configuration and install notes. Shibboleth was having trouble redirecting back to the server after login in some cases.
  • Deploy scripts that sync bigweb to the new IRPROD server to make migration day fast and accurate.