Technology Center

July 18, 2016

Cycle 39

Jul 5, 2016 – Jul 15, 2016

This cycle we continued work on Student 2. We did some requirements drafts and mock-ups on major features that will be enhanced in Student 2: Credit & GPA counts, Placements, and Milestones. In the next couple weeks we will be meeting with subject matter experts in the college to ensure the new build is a significant useful enhancement.

Work Complete


  • Validation on external user edit form to ensure that login string is unique.


  • Refinement to view titles and menus to help clarify user navigation.
  • Course load report has UI so associate deans can look at views per faculty.

Student 2

  • Client side application to load current registration and transcript into student detail page.
  • Display student picture on detail page. Implemented the UW ID Card photo web service.
  • Show groups (including cohorts) on the student detail page.
  • Reformatted student header block with photo, current program, advisor, and groups.
  • Report of students by cohort. Cohort menu is a dynamic expandable tree.
  • Report of students On Leave last quarter showing status this quarter. Graduate students previously On Leave must extend leave or register before end of current quarter or they lose status.
  • Report of student inactive for over a year.
  • Doc Committee displayed on student detail page.
  • Requirements documents, implmentation plan, mock-ups for Credit & GPA, Placements, and Milestones. Prep for meetings with SMEs.

Tech Support

  • Created a detailed work plan for adding department to the tech support ticket system. This will allow Haring Center to use the tech support database for ticket and inventory tracking.

Test Scores

  • Add a test score assessment type.


  • Upgraded EDUC project to Laravel 5.2. This version included binary file response used to add student Husky ID Card photos to Student 2.
  • Amazon Web Service UW account set up. 
  • Research and planning for Splunk implementation. Splunk is a log file analysis platform that will allow us to get actionable highlights and summaries from server and application data.