Technology Center

July 6, 2016

Cycle 38

Jun 20, 2016 – Jul 1, 2016

Work Complete


  • Brainstorming and planning around sharing Courses with other units. Several other units have expressed interest if having a tool for course scheduling like ours. We are exploring workable ways to support them. Initially we have set up a demo site for other UW users to explore.
  • Authorization system for course release.


  • Modify the person update process (name changes, logging) to allow processes that preview changes without committing them.

Student 2

  • Import Grad School Doctoral Committees data. Link to existing person data where possible for coherent searchable record but allow for external committee members. New system keeps historical committee data with effective end quarters. Ran updates for available import files (year's worth).
  • Faculty list and faculty detail page. Faculty detail page includes advisees and committee roles.
  • Advisor on student detail page.
  • Scheduled jobs for updating Student 2 nightly on production.
  • Connector to UW Student Web Service (SWS) to get student current registration and transcript data. System to lookup course titles from UW SWS and cache them locally to speed transcript load times.
  • Stand alone page view of registration and transcript. Client side application will load these views into the student detail page on activation (same behavior as STEP).


  • Progress toward getting a UW account set up for Amazon Web Services. 
  • Meetings with UW-IT and tech staff at Computer Science about strategies for security hardening web servers and applications.