Technology Center

June 28, 2016

2016 Summer

Summer Quarter 2016 Information System development goals

  • Courses – faculty activity reporting and course release functionality
  • Share Courses – find and support ways for other UW units to use our course planning system
  • Student 2 – update of student database
  • Tech Support – modify ticket system to be used by Haring Center and other departments

Faculty Activity Reporting

We are continuing to solicit and refine the facutly activity data available through the Courses database as well as make neccessary workflow changes to the course release process.

Student 2

We are doing a refresh of the student database with a focus on keeping it continually updated and providing more actionable information. More information in the Student 2 article.

Share Courses

There is incresasing external department interest in the College's curriculum planning process and the Courses system. We presented a poster session at the UW Organizational Excellence Showcase and hosted a demonstration attended by over 50 people from 20+ departments and academic units. The Courses system is tightly coupled to College of Education programs and organizational structure and in order to gain UWIT support in making upgrades to the Time Schedule input system, we are considering approaches that can help other units leverage and support our efforts.

Departments in Tech

Haring Center will begin using the College's tech support ticket system this summer to track requests. We are updating the ticket system to create a department view that will filter information down for users in a specific department, but still provide access as needed to the broader system. Our immediate build is for the Haring Center, but we are structuring the work to expand the system for use by other centers or offices.