Technology Center

June 20, 2016

Cycle 37

6/6/2016 – 6/17/2016

Work Complete


  • Course title change, research issue, communicate bug to UW SWS.
  • Adjustments to My Courses and Faculty Activity reports.


  • Display "Summer Term" for status of students not enrolled in Summer but who were enrolled in Spring.
  • "Program" filter on student report tool added.
  • "Degree" filter on student report.
  • Dynamic paging on student reports. Reports with under 500 records show entire report. Longer reports are automatically paged. Paging is added or removed as user interacts with filter system changing report length.
  • Remove year and quarter filters from general student report. This is a report of "latest" status of a student, so picking a time period doesn't make sense. 
  • Report of student "Completes". This report has year and quarter plus academic year. The year quarter filter can be applied to the report as "in the specified period" or "since the specified period".
  • About page for Student 2.
  • Sync faculty data from STEP to Student 2. Sync processes are designed so they can be run as needed throughout development and deployment, they updates existing records.
  • Sync cohort data from STEP to Student 2. In student 2, implemented as Groups and Cohort rules, which provide configuration for automatically generating and populating groups that represent cohorts.
  • Sync advisor data from STEP to Student 2. Advisors are now linked to student based on a "first quarter" and "last quarter" instead of linking to a program enrollment. Sync process generates first quarter & last quarter from STEP advisor start/end, completed quarter, and first enrolled quarter.

Tech Support

  • Had meeting and established good requirements list to plan project.