Office of Institutional Research

June 28, 2016

2016 Summer

Summer Quarter 2016 Information System development goals Courses – faculty activity reporting and course release functionality Share Courses – find and support ways for other UW units to use our course planning system Student 2 – update of student database Tech Support – modify ticket system to be used by Haring Center and other departments

June 20, 2016

Student 2

This Summer we are working on an updated version of the college's student advising database STEP. Project name while in development is "Student 2". The major outcomes of this update are: Structure data like UW student data so that updates can run automatically and be scheduled nightly. Provide reports about student activity that highlight when

Cycle 37

6/6/2016 – 6/17/2016 Work Complete Courses Course title change, research issue, communicate bug to UW SWS. Adjustments to My Courses and Faculty Activity reports. Student Display "Summer Term" for status of students not enrolled in Summer but who were enrolled in Spring. "Program" filter on student report tool added. "Degree" filter on student report. Dynamic