Technology Center

May 9, 2016

Cycle 35

May 9, 2016 – May 20, 2016

This cycle we keep moving forward on recent projects Test Scores new model, Student UW data model, new server infrastructure and faculty merit report.

Work Complete


  • Added IAL Coaching as pathway in STEP.
  • Database and model build for new student data model.
  • Continue work on process for loading student data from UW Enterprise Data Warehouse. Got load process rebuilt and functional, but need further work for excentricities in UW "On Leave" data.

Test Scores

  • Updated add score forms for new test score data model.
  • View Test Score types and Assessment types in web interface. Edit Assessment types.
  • Add CBEST test scores to configuration. Add form for CBEST.


Plan for new COE public web site server and separate info system server. This will be built on new servers and existing web servers retired after completion.

Plan for in place transition from RHEL 6 to CentOS 6 for existing web servers by 7/30.

Work Planned


  • Approvals for course releases

Test Scores

  • Update add test score forms for new model
  • Edit tools for test score types and assessments
  • Too for add CBEST scores


  • Finalize name and update logic for Current / Latest records
  • Automated import from EDW for current, complete, major-quarter
  • Beginning of student view in new system
  • Student search


  • Long term plan for server function and build for information systems and websites
  • Create a build & migration plan including handling July 30 deadline for RHEL
  • Context menu – migrate system to use educ version
  • Convert UI of educ to bootstrap for better mobile (touch & small screen) support