Technology Center

April 15, 2016

Cycle 33

April 11 – April 22

We are continuing work on the tool supporting faculty merit reporting and student data load. Initial implementation of student data load is complete and we are doing iterative comparisons of system loaded data to manually currated data to refine our load process.

The first ECFS application cycle using the Apply portal is finishing up this week. We have identified a short list of projects that will make Apply/Appreview more useful to ECFS.

We have a June deadline for operating system update on our web servers, work continues on the sandbox environment.

Work Complete


  • Email template editor has font and font-size picker. Uses line breaks instead of paragraph blocks.
  • Material uploaded by applicant through Apply portal properly marked as applicant upload. Not deletable, but can be hidden.
  • User view of Apply Cycle configurations (what applicants can apply for using Apply portal). Apply Cycle configuration allows application to be marked complete automatically on submit.
  • Email workflow for sending email to applicants who have started an application in the Apply portal, but not submitted it.


  • Daily update is modified to update previous quarter in addition to future quarters. This insures that when quarters end, local courses data is synced to actual in the UW Time Schedule.
  • Migration script for faculty merit reporting that updates database for new entities.


  • MRBS Room schedule has preview image and links to the detailed about page in the COE Technology blog.


  • Nightly update runs that will change students with inactive statue to Registered or On Leave. Nightly update also adds new students. This nightly load will supplement the quarterly load which has significant manual adjustments to merge major changes over time.
  • UW Quarters table in EDUC project (Person, Testscores, Appreview, new student) which updates on a schedule from UW student web service term resource.
  • Adjusted Milestone update schedule to focus on currently enrolled students. Additionally any time a user views a student detail page in STEP that students credits and milestones get updated from the UW student web service.


Work Planned


  • User view of Apply Cycle configuration viewable by any Appreview user
  • Template and report to send email to applications started in Apply, but no submitted
  • Apply Cycle configuration option for applications to automatically be marked complete
  • Material submitted by student through Apply portal should not be deletable by staff


  • Faculty merit reporting


  • Existing STEP system is not updating credit and milestone data frequently enough
  • Analyze differences between automated student data load and currated student data, revise load system 
  • Update UW quarter data from web service
  • Build a system to calculate the quarter a student was first enrolled and last enrolled with in a major/degree path

Test Scores

  • All test score types should have a strategy for importing unknown PESB assessment codes
  • Create notes on test score data model and load strategy based on six months worth of real world experience


  • Copy all web content from production server to sandbox
  • Install and configure Shibboleth on sandbox 
  • Review sandbox firewall rules for SSH login