Technology Center

April 14, 2016

Cycle 32

March 28 – April 8

This cycle we are working on a tool to help faculty complete their annual merit reports. This new report will pull data from various systems relevant to merit reports. A single view will list courses taught, course buy-outs, students advised, students completed, and grants with proposals and awards.

We are also working on an automated load of student data. Currently our student database is loaded quarterly from UW data. However the loaded data goes through a fair amount of manual adjusting. This limits our ability to load frequently and keep the data as fresh as we would like. We are working on building an application that can implement all of the manual corrections so that data can be refreshed on a regular basis. At the same time we are revising our local data structure so the system can provide more useful reporting for student services and advisors.

Work Complete


  • Limit applicant uploads to PDF or Word files
  • Helpful message for file too larger error
  • Fix Enter Scores list in Appreview included un-submitted applications


  • Faculty Merit Report


  • Edit person descriptor. Person descriptors briefly answer "who is this?" and guide system authorization decisions. When the system generated summay is not helpful a user can enter a manual descriptor. 
  • Auth audit report


  • Design and implement new student tables that support advanced reporting
  • Load process for UW SDB (student data) into college database. Initial process, we will look at how this compares to the heavily managed data in STEP and continue to improve the loader.
  • Debugging view to compare new student list to existing in STEP