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March 17, 2016

Fall Quarter – Cycle 31

March 14 – March 25, 2012

Last cycle made some great progress in surfacing our authorizations and combining that with other available person data to give an operational picture. We have a couple more tasks this cycle to further refine person data.

We are beginning to work on our student data. Our current student data model only stores current student status (what is this student doing this quarter) and depends on a complex manual process to import the data. Our goals are to support views and reporting that require data about what a student was doing in past quarters and that updates automatically (and far more frequently). This cycle we are documenting requirements and building a data model that will support the new requirements.

This is short cycle for us due to dev time off.

Work Complete


  • All instructor field in CSV export missing data
  • Course release demo on dev site for college leadership demo and feedback


  • Person descriptors provide a single short description of who a person is, prioritizing the most visible roles. Summary value of appointment, student, applicant and authorization data.
  • Export employee email list
  • Person search enhanced for speed and now searches person descriptor field as well as numeric fields (Employee ID, Student Number etc.)
  • Root of EDUC project displays current user's authorizations in all systems. Public about page doesn't require UW NetID login and includes information on how to request authorization.


  • Catalog reports requested from student database. Use as use cases for redesign data model.
  • Plans made for new data model that can support request reporting, database diagram created
  • Map of STEP student status to UW SDB values
  • Plan for automated updates from SDB created


  • Research and resolve maintenance job errors
  • Set up a no login required portal to EDUC project. Support public pages and inter system web service. Move authorization strategies to separate middleware classes.

Work Planned


  • Implement authorization for course release
  • All instructor field in CSV export missing data
  • Faculty merit report
  • Add fee info fields to course offering records


  • Authorization plan for persons
  • Create Reports in Person (CSV export of current employees)
  • Add person input better validation
  • My Authorizations screen at root of educ/a/ project
  • Add job title as a search parameter in the person database
  • Improve person search response time


  • Catalog reports requested from student data
  • List of statuses that a student can be in at a point in time (enrolled, complete, withdrawn…)
  • Outline extraction of student status from EDW / SWS data
  • List events that should be logged on a student record
  • Plan a data model and make an entity diagram


  • Configure Shibboleth as authentication system (CentOS)