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February 29, 2016

Fall Quarter – Cycle 30

Feb 29, 2016 – Mar 11, 2016

This cycle will continue work on the shared Person data and authorization systems. We have person data coming into system from several sources and want the data syncronized coherently. We also want tools to efficiently review who is authorized to use our systems.

Work Complete


  • "Admit & scholarship" now included in MyGrad needs update
  • Update "OSS Evaluation" in App Review to "Status"


  • Unified data structure for storing person information, logging changes to person data, and user authorizations. Different components of Person had been built out with each sub-system and we ended up with similar but incompatible records. Migrated these to a common data structure.
  • All changes to Person record go through a common Person update manager which prioritizes conflicting input and detectes and logs changes.
  • Authorization is stored differently in various systems. Previously we pulled raw authorization values into Person reports and translated into human readable synopsis as page was rendered. Changed this to import and store an authorization summary which allows for more flexible reporting options.
  • Record authorization date and user that authorized to all system authorizations. To keep the above authorization cache up to date, we need a mechanism to allow various COE systems to report authorization changes to the Person database. We now have an inter-system web service for authorization change notices. 
  • Person view has been updated to give more information about person records. Authorizations are only links to other COE system user edit tools if user is authorized. Added missing systems to authorization views (Appreview, Budgets, Person, Room Booking).
  • Person log view shows history of Person record and authroization changes.
  • Report of persons with authorizations and no current appointments
  • Report by COE info system of who is authorized


  • Add IfModule to pubcookie config in all project .htaccess files


Work Planned


  • Record authorization date and user that authorized to all system authorizations
  • Entity caching system to allow pages to include nested data with indirect relationships efficiently
  • Person view to display more detailed authorizations per system
  • Add MRBS permissions to person authorization views
  • Report by system of who is authorized
  • My Authorizations screen at root of educ/a/ project
  • System context menu indicate current user authorizations
  • Appointment job title as searchable field for Person
  • Refine person search taking too long to run, strange results on number searches
  • Hide auth links for viewer only roles
  • Clean up layout, responsive, fixed top menus, more bootstrap oriented