Technology Center

February 16, 2016

Fall Quarter – Cycle 29

Feb 16, 2016 – Feb 26, 2016

This cycle's goals are to launch the Apply portal for ECFS applications, provide a more flexible buy-out record in Courses, make some adjustments to Appreview to support Apply and the current application review process, and implement Person/User reporting that will help us manage system authorizations.

Work Complete


  • Updates to Apply steps, options, and help text
  • Automatic email sent to applicant when application is started and submitted using email templates
  • Hard deadline (displayed) and soft deadline (enforced)
  • Apply launched to production, ECFS on-campus accepting applications


  • Link to Apply portal (view application as applicant)
  • Apply cycle configuration tool
  • Degree view adjusted for Apply required fields
  • Mark an application withdrawn
  • Display full messages in application log
  • Tool to remove an advisor (assignment mistake or change)
  • Using report filters no longer breaks enter a decision tool 
  • Layout fix where empty coursework box left large empty space above it 
  • Implemented download link on Enter Rubric Scores report 
  • Ethnicity field moved to its own report taken off general CSV downloads 
  • MyGrad deadlines report, auto calculations and edit values tool 


  • Centralized person update system that prioritizes input and logs changes
  • New implementation of import person data from UW Enterprise Data warehouse for efficiency and consistency. All updates use the shared person update system for logging.
  • New implementation of import user data from other information system. Takes user name and limits query to records missing from person for efficiency.
  • Weighted name so different name values from multiple data sources do not trigger circular updates

Work Planned


  • Apply admin role in appreview user management
  • Link from Apply report to Apply interface
  • Add narrative and help text provided by ECFS
  • Indicate intent to enroll in program
  • Withdraw application option in Apply
  • Apply production launch


  • Application cycle configuration
  • Adjust degree view on application detail for optional major/degree values
  • Move ethnicity to special report
  • Empty coursework box clears past log section in right column
  • Deadlines are empty in application detail header
  • Method to remove an advisor
  • Download link on Enter Rubric Score report


  • Allow faculty buy-out records that are not specifically related to course offering records. Faculty activity report to include information about grants and administrative responsibility.


  • Import all current appointments for COE employees
  • Revisit person update strategy
  • Add MRBS permissions to person authorization views
  • Person view to display more detailed authorizations per system
  • Record authorization date and user that authorized to all system authorizations
  • Report by system of who is authorized
  • Create Reports in Person Dbase
  • Hide auth links for viewer only roles
  • My Authorizations screen at root of educ/a/ project


  • Add IfModule to pubcookie config in all project .htaccess files
  • Configure Shibboleth as authentication system
  • Fully copy all production projects to sandbox