Technology Center

February 4, 2016

Fall Quarter – Cycle 28

2/1/2016 – 2/12/2016

This cycle's main focus is the Apply portal for ECFS applications. Our goal is to have portal feature complete by the end of this cycle. That gives us some extra time for refinement or early launch before the March 1 deadline.

Work Complete


  • Apply Cycle configuration that allows for different steps per program or time period.
  • Authorization scheme that implements row level permissions for applicants. Amy can see her own application, download her own materials, read her own messages but is denied access if she tries to view another applicants material through the Apply interface.
  • Refine the page layout. Remove redundant elements. Clean up display for consistency.
  • Upload a material to Apply. Ability to replace that uploaded file with a new one.
  • Applicant can submit their application. This locks the application for the applicant, but makes the application visible in Appreview.
  • Apply step that acknowledges notifications will be sent to UW email address with link to UW-IT forwarding instructions.
  • Degree / Transcript step repeats until applicant clicks Done button to allow upload of multiple transcripts.
  • Status of application is displayed at top of application page with highlighted information for Submitted, Complete, Admit, and Deny.
  • Email sent to application through Appreview are viewable in the Apply portal.
  • Events that happen in the Apply portal are recorded in Appreview event log (started, submitted).
  • Read-only view of submitted application in Apply accessible by applicant.


  • Contact section shows either MyGrad contact information or Apply contact information.
  • Report that shows applications entered through the Apply portal, including applications that have been started, but not yet submitted.
  • Applications that have enrolled field (current UW / transfer) have that displayed at top of Degree section in Appreview.
  • Mark an application complete in Appreview. This feature only available on applications entered through Apply portal.
  • Un-submit an application in Appreview. This feature only available on applications entered through Apply portal. Allows applicant to make further changes to the application in Apply.
  • Ability to send a one-off email message to an applicant from Appreview application detail page.
  • Report filter for current UW student or transfer student. Important distinction during ECFS application review and communication.
  • Add percentile to UW test scores. Layout self reported and offical score sections similarly so they are easily comparable.
  • Handle error adding user to Appreview when there is no person record in Person Database.


  • Display UW Time Schedule comments in Courses
  • Online/distance as managed field of a course offering. Workflow for planning, comparing with UWTS, and reconciling.
  • Investigate course records created locally, but never added to UW Curriculum.


  • Masters in Instructional Leadership pathway change. Add EDUC-18 pathway to STEP program menus. Coded to group EDUCX-18 and EDUC-18 students together.

Tech Support

  • Update Help Desk staff photos in ticket footer

Work Planned


  • Add material, replace material for Personal Statement and Resume.
  • Submit application.
  • Update appreview reports to hide un-submitted applications.
  • Report to show application from Apply portal including submitted and un-submitted.
  • Read-only view of application and application status feedback (Complete/Incomplete).
  • Tool to allow applicants with admit decision to enter intent to enroll.
  • Settings tool in appreview to maintain Apply cycle configuration (URLs, labels, open date and deadline).
  • Appreview interface to mark an application complete.
  • Appreview interface to un-submit and application. Support feature, this will allow the applicant to make changes.
  • Appreview report filter for current UW students vs transfer students.
  • Refine Apply layout. Merge heading and (empty) top menu. Removed caret graphic indicating UW/COE logo is a menu.


  • Make UW Time Schedule comments visible in the course planner. This will be a read-only field.
  • Add an Online/Distance flag for course offerings.