Technology Center

January 19, 2016

Fall Quarter – Cycle 27

1/18/2016 – 1/29/2016

Focus of this cycle is the Apply project, a portal to accept applications to ECFS programs that will be displayed and reviewed in Appreview.

Work Complete


  • Access Control List configuration for Apply. During development the system will be accessible only to specifically authorized users. When system goes live this rule will be removed and anyone with a UW NetID login will have access.
  • Changed strategy so program applied for is indicated by entry URL. No progam selection inputs. Application overview, requirements, date will be provided by program website and link on website will drop applicant into Apply for the appropriate program.
  • View for application cycle closed or not found (invalid URL provided).
  • Contact information form
  • Enrolled form (current UW student or transfer).
  • Interests form
  • Add degree and transcript form. Multi-step form (1. degree info, 2. upload a transcript) with ability to repeat for multiple transcripts. Ability for degree info to be edited and upload to be replaced. Application restructuring happened to allow for complex sub-steps within an application step.


  • Added "Interview" as pending decision value and report filter (Decision section). Some programs do interviews as part of the application review process. This mechanism allow selected applicants to be flagged and filtered in the system.
  • Added average rubric scores to appropriate CSV export files.
  • Reviewed and adjusted website theme for Mac Safari, application had some strange behaviors on that browser.


  • Rooms listed in CSV export of course offering data.
  • Added credits and grading system to list view in My Courses. We ask faculty to check this list for accuracy and wanted fields that typically need adjusting exposed at list.
  • Fixed a non-breaking, but visible error message on the person list view.

Test Scores

  • Test score dashboard has latest test score date by test type on dashboard. This provides indicator of recent imports.

Work Planned


  • Access control configuration for #Apply
  • Landing page (No Login) will display the programs that can be applied to using this portal with links back to the public COE site for program information. It will also display application period and deadlines and be based on Apply Cycle configuration.
  • Report of applications started, not submitted. Existing appreview views will only display applications where applicant has finished and pressed "Submit". We will provide an additional view to look at application in progress.
  • Modify detail view for applications not submitted. Applications that are not yet submitted need to be highlighted appropriately.
  • Contact information form, applicant enters address, phone, email.
  • Current UW student or Transfer, applicant enters whether they are a currently enrolled UW student or also applying to the UW.
  • Interests form, applicant answers interest questions that allow ECFS to place people in T&L pathway.
  • Add degree & transcript, applicant describes previous course work and uploads a transcript.
  • Replace transcript, applicant can upload a new copy of a transcript.