Technology Center

January 19, 2016


"Apply" is a new web application for the College of Education that will allow potential students to apply to our programs. The applications they submit in Apply will be visible and reviewable in Appreview.

Currently the only applications we have available in Appreview are graduate applications. Graduate applicants complete their applications through the UW Graduate School's MyGrad web application. We then import the data into our Appreview system using a web service. For graduates, the apply interface that the applicant uses is operated by the Grad School.

We would like to have all of our applications available and reviewable in on place so COE faculty and staff can interact with a single applicant review system. Our Early Childhood and Family Studies undergraduate program is the first program we are adding to the graduate focused Appreview.

So "Apply" is the applicant facing side of "Appreview", initally for ECFS applicants.