Technology Center

January 6, 2016

Fall Quarter – Cycle 26

01/04/2016 – 01/15/2016

This cycle we begin work on an online Application system for ECFS On-Campus and ECFS Online programs. This will be live by March 1, 2016 so the next batch

We continue working on Courses with a focus on building out the export CSV spreadsheets to accomodate the various workflows college faculty and staff have using course planning data.

Work Complete


  • Fixed review dashboard bar graph wrong for 0 denies
  • Fix rubric score export not working
  • Rubric category for Special Education


  • Create an apply web page layout and client side framework
  • Data structure for storing Apply cycle information


  • Add setting for room scheduling complete, ready to be shared with instructors
  • Add "meets during finals week" to room preferences
  • CSV export spreadsheet now includes all teaching staff
  • Offering canceled reason is included in Comments tab

Test Scores

  • Database view combines test score meta-data with test score records, tool for ad-hoc IR reporting
  • Delete a test score


  • Work on sandbox server to test significant server upgrades (OS distribution, OS version, PHP version, database system and version)


Work Planned


  • ECFS applications, requirements gathering, project planning, and infrastructure set up.
  • Create an #Apply context, web page layout with template headers, footers, menu that will be used for the applicant views. This context will be responsive design to be usable on mobile devices.
  • Implement database for application profiles. Initially we are creating two programs that can be applied to in the new system (two ECFS programs). We will build on a system that will support these programs, but can be configured to support additional programs in the future with minimal code changes.


  • Add data to CSV spreadhseet export including all teaching staff (multiple instructors, TAs, graders) and assigned rooms
  • Add rooms to CSV spreadhseet export file.
  • Include canceled reason in the offering comments tab
  • Add "Meets During Finals Week" to room preferences. Knowing this may make more (bettter?) rooms available to COE faculty.
  • Allow OSS to configure when room scheduled is settled and should be included in Courses database.