Technology Center

January 19, 2016


"Apply" is a new web application for the College of Education that will allow potential students to apply to our programs. The applications they submit in Apply will be visible and reviewable in Appreview. Currently the only applications we have available in Appreview are graduate applications. Graduate applicants complete their applications through the UW Graduate School's MyGrad…

Sandbox Server

Minor updates to operating system and software on our web servers happen during regular maintenance and can be applied in place (generally with zero downtime). But large version changes have to be handled differently. We have several major upgrades to explore. Upgrades CentOS Until this year UW had an education license for Redhat Enterprise Linux….

Fall Quarter – Cycle 27

1/18/2016 – 1/29/2016 Focus of this cycle is the Apply project, a portal to accept applications to ECFS programs that will be displayed and reviewed in Appreview. Work Complete Apply Access Control List configuration for Apply. During development the system will be accessible only to specifically authorized users. When system goes live this rule will…

January 6, 2016

Fall Quarter – Cycle 26

01/04/2016 – 01/15/2016 This cycle we begin work on an online Application system for ECFS On-Campus and ECFS Online programs. This will be live by March 1, 2016 so the next batch We continue working on Courses with a focus on building out the export CSV spreadsheets to accomodate the various workflows college faculty and…