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December 21, 2015

Fall Quarter – Cycle 23 & 24

Cycle 23: 11/23/2015 – 12/04/2015
Cycle 24: 12/07/2015 – 12/18/2015

This is a consolidated work review for Cycle 23 and 24. It has been "heads-down, power through it" time and the blog update got back burnered.

We have had a very busy couple weeks getting Appreview Plus launched and the rough spots ironed out. SOARS is officially and fully retired so from this point forward "Appreview Plus" will just be Appreview.

School Psychology and TEP Elementary were the programs actively reviewing during the transition so thank you to Paula, Janine, Patrick, Jonathan and the other active users for excellent feedback and paitence while we got things settled.

Work Complete


  • Launched Appreview (Plus) on December 1, 2015.
  • CSV spreadsheet download of application report views
  • Added contact phone numbers and address to CSV spreadsheet download
  • Final decision displayed on application detail view as a "Workflow Bar" which includes: application complete/incomplete message, final decision entered, advisor assigned, and applicant intent.
  • Application header blurb (top of application detail page) links back to the application detail page
  • Areas of interest added to Application header blurb 
  • Users can add themselves to a review committee with a button click
  • Adjust reviewer dashboard to highlight important information and clickable report sections
  • Text file application items are displayed in a web page pop-up window instead of being downloaded to view on user's text application
  • Users can edit their own comments
  • Enter scores report says when an application can no longer be scored
  • Can create new Rubric scopes (these map rubrics to applications)
  • Changed report default period to "Current Applications". Current is defined as applications to begin in a future quarter.
  • Report state is preserved when browser back button is used. Added a link button that will show a URL to the current report state so reports can be shared among users via email, etc.
  • Mark a Rubric Score with "Definitely Interview" flag
  • Definitely interview flag is visible on score report and desiscion report
  • Join a review committee and enter a recommendation from the Rubric Score tool
  • Super users can delete Rubric Scores that were created in error
  • Various Rubric bugs (scorer name stored, total caclulated on complete, cells properly highlighting in edit tool)
  • Improved OSS degree evaluation tool to make faster during bulk data entry
  • Applications awaiting decisions report
  • OSS ability to see application materials the way they are presented to reviewers
  • Attachments uploaded by COE staff can be deleted
  • Degree institution uses MyGrad "Other" for institution name if available
  • Resolve issues with emails not always getting recorded in log
  • Handler for email batches where template fields don't have replacement values
  • Email batch view shows which emails are pending, sent, or failed
  • Add review template, then review each email workflow
  • Improvement and fixes to OSS Send Email Tool: selector has option to show already sent in report pickers, Javascript helper to Select All on send email view, Added Email [[TEMPLATE_FIELDS]] help message to views where templates are edited, batch reporting has better details, including time batch was started
  • Revise Appreview Plus initial load strategy to only pull purely local data from SOARS, use Grad School web service XML for all other fields
  • Multiple revisions to the update Appreview from Grad School strategy to properly detect changes in fields including OSS entry and recommendations that do change the application last changed date. Update process became massive and took to long to do regularly, implemented a "quick" and "full" update to run on different schedules. Update triggering bug in PDO/database interaction, made adjustments to code and database configuration to alleviate. Fixed bug corrupting person record that corresponded to update id.
  • Update from Grad School information available on Appreview About page
  • Added secondary update, query UW data warehouse to ensure we get UW system key (student identifier) ASAP
  • Automated merge process for duplicate Person records. New applications create extra Person record because they have no identifying fields until 48 hours after they submit application.
  • Remove various testing and development default values
  • Fixed application material not respecting show/hide configuration
  • Fixed allow download of material items that don't have filenames in MyGrad
  • Transcripts and Recommendations that are uploaded to "Other" category (instead of to specific degree or or recommender) are now accessible
  • Fixed "Calendar Year" option in report picker Period was not staying highlighted


  • Add EDUCM for new Education Methods curriculum abbreviation
  • Faculty activity report include independent study credits


  • Non-UW members of Doctoral Committees now available from Grad School and displayed in STEP

Test Scores

  • Imported recent test score data feeds for WEST-B, WEST-E, NES, Praxis. These scores are visible in appreview.

Multiple Systems

  • Scrub UW NetID input: when user enters in a form expecting a UW NetID the part is automatically stripped off.