Office of Institutional Research

December 21, 2015

Fall Quarter – Cycle 25

12/21/2015 – 01/01/2016 After all of this you might think Appreview is done. We can always find ways to make it better! This cycle (minus a couple days for the holidays) will include a few more touch-ups on Appreview before we fully leap into Undergraduate Applications in Appreview. Additionally we are making some important revisions to Courses

Fall Quarter – Cycle 23 & 24

Cycle 23: 11/23/2015 – 12/04/2015 Cycle 24: 12/07/2015 – 12/18/2015 This is a consolidated work review for Cycle 23 and 24. It has been "heads-down, power through it" time and the blog update got back burnered. We have had a very busy couple weeks getting Appreview Plus launched and the rough spots ironed out. SOARS

December 17, 2015

New and Improved Applicant Review!

The College's new and improved Applicant Review is now online at: We've worked hard to design an interface that's similar to the other College information systems and easily navigated. A couple things to note: Historical admissions data starting with Autumn 2014 and moving forward will be accessible You can filter down to a set