Technology Center

October 27, 2015

Summer Quarter – Cycle 21

10/26/2015 – 11/06/2015

Launch day is in site for Appreview Plus. We expect to have the new system live in time for our Quarterly Review & Planning meeting on Thursday November 19th. This coming cycle is focused on implementing the Rubric system and Email system. Email was pushed back so we could tackle our interactive report filtering system (similar to how courses database works).

Work Complete

Appreview Plus

  • Report of applications that need update in MyGrad
  • Rubrics edit tools and scoring tools
  • Email system. Edit email templates, reports with applicants that need emails, send emails with multiple workflows, logging and review, email to log system for testing, email via Mailgun.


  • Break down of independent study Student Credit Hourse by supervising faculty. Improvements to faculty activity reports.


  • Add milestone for dissertation credits
  • Report of near completers, students with more than 27 dissertation credits


Test Scores

Work Planned

Appreview Plus

  • Email system. This will have the same function as current SOARS system but with more flexibility for selecting recipients and better logging of what was sent.
  • Rubrics. Basically we are implementing the Rubric editing and scoring system as it exists in SOARS with some refinements and the goal of making it more easily usable by programs beyond TEP.


  • Track dissertation credits in credits table.

Test Scores

  • More scores to put in system. Continued refinement of import system with goal of making this an administrative process instead of a developer process.