Technology Center

October 13, 2015

Summer Quarter – Cycle 20

10/12/2015 – 10/23/2015

We made an adjustment to the Appreview Plus plan based on conversations with initial users. Filter reporting project was moved up and email system was postponed.

This cycle our main focus continues to be the new applicant review system, on track for a November launch. We will be meeting with SME to demo the early work complete and make sure we are on track. We also are building a couple test score reports for reporting required by PESB State of Washington.

Work Complete

Appreview Plus

  • Report filters. Implemented interactive report filters following the convention from courses. In list views the report parameters are displayed as headings. Clicking the headings provides access to "picker" inputs which allow you to choose options and change what is included in the report. We have pickers for time period, programs, degrees, decision status and advisor status.
  • Attachment type clean up. We were using one string for attachment types imported locally and a second for files from MyGrad. This was causing some file not found errors. Fixed now.
  • Review committees management tools.
  • Authorization system. Refined permission system and user roles. Reorganized URL generation system, simpler, clearer, works better with authorization scheme. User edit forms.
  • External user management tools including a download configuration as spreadsheet, edit it, upload it to change external user configuration. 
  • Application material settings.
  • Program settings.

Test Scores

  • SQL reports for PESB reporting using configured requirement rules and evidence rules to match test score to PESB requirements.


  • Customized prospective student forms for use at recruiting events.


  • Added latin endorsement to teaching certificate configuration.
  • Updated ECFS pathways for T&L students.
  • More work on dissertation credit milestone.


  • Fixed time synchronozation problem on web servers.


Work Planned

Appreview Plus

  • Configuration tools including: user management, external users, review committee configuration, program configuration, material configuration.
  • Workflow reports for OSS: needs decision, needs update in MyGrad.
  • Email system. This will have the same function as current SOARS system but with more flexibility for selecting recipients and better logging of what was sent.
  • Data update improvements (stretch goal). We've booked 9-10 days of development work for the cycle, but if we can get ahead of it we will be working integrating with the Grad Schools new version of the application web service and revising our initial SOARS import process to only grab the new/local data.


  • Bring in enrollment details for independent study course offerings to allow for precise calculation of student credit hours per instructor.


  • Update temporary data used for ECFS students to correctly represent multiple ECFS pathways.
  • Report of doctoral "near completers" based on number of dissertation credits completed.

Test Scores

  • Reports for PESB