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August 31, 2015

Summer Quarter – Cycle 17 & 18

08/31/2015 — 09/11/2015 We merged cycles 17 & 18 into a super cycle. Paul had vacation so it was shortened. Additionally we were working on Test Score repository which ended up being a very fluid (figure out the requirements as we built it) kind of project. We have a the functional base of test score…

August 17, 2015

Summer Quarter – Cycle 16

08/17/2015 — 08/28/2015 Work Complete Appreview Plus Page titles (in Appreview Plus and in Budgets and Person) Recently viewed in application menu Application deadlines Display application review committee. Tools to set recommendation and scholarship Tool to add a comment Faculty dashboard view – set up and first couple elements, more to come Academic Support Team tools…

August 3, 2015

Summer Quarter – Cycle 15

08/03/2015 — 08/14/2015 Work Complete Appreview Plus Map out full transition from SOARS to Appreview Plus with timeline Show attachments and make them downloadable Add comments pane to application detail and add comment tool Tool to edit deadlines when rules based deadlines are wrong Fixed application degree dates display Courses Change division configuration for new…