Technology Center

July 21, 2015

Summer Quarter – Cycle 14

07/20/2015 — 07/31/2015

Work Complete

Appreview Plus

  • Complete automated update process
  • Fix person import – names getting replaced with external reviewer names
  • Promote to production – activate daily Grad School updates
  • De-activate SOARS secondary update process for ap_* tables. Make appreview tables in EDUC database the authoritative tables
  • Refine application detail view. Build a UI vocabulary for sections.


  • Include all general education requirements
  • Get Term data from UW Student Web Service
  • Add details of repetition rules to download CSV file
  • Fix offering headers on pages where header has gray background
  • Tool to create more offerings based on repetition rules
  • Fix ROU Undergraduate and Professional filters cross linked

Work Planned

  • Appreview Plus
  • Courses
  • Students – planned work missed, moved to Cycle 15