Technology Center

July 6, 2015

Summer Quarter – Cycle 13

07/06/2015 — 07/17/2015

Work Complete

Appreview Plus

  • Completed fully automated import of SOARS application data to the Appreview Plus system. Allows us to adjust and rebuild and prepares for smooth deployment when ready to go live.
  • Email modules and message conversion utility. Breaks email messages and templates, stored in SOARS as messy string data into atomic parts to support more sophisticated handling.
  • Reviewer committee system. Allows reuse of reviewer groups for multiple program/degrees.
  • Grad School web service connection uses current implementation with better logging and error handling.
  • Logging system through event architecture. Application model supportive of both MyGrad based applications and local applications.
  • Search tool for applications. Searches on name, UW NetID, and year/quarter of application.
  • Application detail page rough out. Display the data that was imported to the new system.
  • Deployed to development server so SMEs can begin reviewing web views.


  • Improved UW Time Schedule linking system by displaying full list of course matches. In the past hidden sections (canceled or linked to another UWTS section) caused mistakes during quarterly linking process.


  • Simplified grant person list so same person is not listed multiple times.
  • Add budget end date to detail view.
  • Report of awards where original award end date does not match related budget end date. (On development, to be deployed with SME approval.)


  • Meet with SME for STEP open issues  and faculty needs.
  • STEP student import, review of current process. Begin planning for automated student import process.
  • Fix for import process where modern style email addresses ( were missed.
  • Refining the import of Doctoral Committee data from Grad School. Now running this on a weekly basis.

Work Planned

Work continues on Appreview Plus. We know from previous projects that significant changes to a database can’t be done gradually, experimentally, and implemented using documentation. Large database transformations need to be automated so they can be triggered with a single command. We need to be able to build and test in one environment and when we are ready deploy in production. The build process needs to be run multiple times, reset, and retested so we know it works. Last cycle we built the transition infrastructure and completed coding for about 1/3 of the tables. Rest will be completed this cycle.

We got an exciting win under our belt by implementing an automated update for Grants data. Next we want to update student data automatically and nightly. This is a more complex update process, and we want it modular and configurable, so this cycle will be focused on requirements gathering, analysis of current manual process, and design.

  • Appreview Plus
  • Courses
  • Grants
  • Students