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July 21, 2015

Summer Quarter – Cycle 14

07/20/2015 — 07/31/2015 Work Complete Appreview Plus Complete automated update process Fix person import – names getting replaced with external reviewer names Promote to production – activate daily Grad School updates De-activate SOARS secondary update process for ap_* tables. Make appreview tables in EDUC database the authoritative tables Refine application detail view. Build a UI vocabulary…

July 6, 2015

Summer Quarter – Cycle 13

07/06/2015 — 07/17/2015 Work Complete Appreview Plus Completed fully automated import of SOARS application data to the Appreview Plus system. Allows us to adjust and rebuild and prepares for smooth deployment when ready to go live. Email modules and message conversion utility. Breaks email messages and templates, stored in SOARS as messy string data into…