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June 22, 2015

Spring Quarter – Cycle 12

06/22/2015 — 07/03/2015

Work Complete

Appreview Plus

  • Created database migrations. Database “Migrations” are the application code that create database tables. By implementing these in code we can run them systematically on various environments, check them into version control, make them DBMS platform agnostic.
  • Implemented “Old Applicant Data” as array structures contained in DataSource module with classes for each data type. This gives a segregated layout to the code that is easier to understand and utilize.
  • Import process created for about 1/3 of the Appreview tables. This work will continue in next cycle.
  • Did not complete search tool or applicant detail page, planned for next cycle.


  • Editable food approval flag, set by fiscal staff, based on COE policy, displayed along side UW food policy value. (Completed in DEV, waiting for SME approval.)


  • Get Term data filled out through AY 2017-18 from UW Calendar.
  • Improved UWTS linking, show all the matching sections including deleted and already linked. Completed Winter 2016 import and linking with new tool.


  • Update grant data nightly using automated import from UW Enterprise Data Warehouse. (Development complete, needs to be deployed in production.)


  • Created a base form handler class that simplifies form development in future projects. Provides structure for user input scrubbing, validation, error handling and storage.
  • Fixed bug – application index page now accessible by anyone logged in with UW NetID.


  • Fix problem where current registration tool does not show course names. Significant revision of Web Service Client code: central configuration, much better error logging, more flexible exception handling, consistent interface across implementations, all using JSON representations.
  • Refined Doc Committee import process added more automation so it can be run on a weekly basis.
  • Added Program views for ECFS Teaching & Learning option.

Reporting and Information Dashboards

  • Install Tableau and connect to UW Server
  • Design 2015 Undergraduate Survey data visualizations, results located here.


  • More refinements to Builder utility. Builder generates skeleton application code for entity classes based on database structure. Long term time saver automates routine repetitive work.

Work Planned

Cycle 12 is our last two week work cycle we are calling part of Spring Quarter work. Our quarterly review and planning meeting for Summer 2015 is Tuesday, 6/23, 2:00 PM in Miller 215.

Previous work on Appreview Plus has been planning and low level. This cycle we want to get a couple items done that users can see, touch, give feedback on.

New heading below for “Educ” which is our shared application infrastructure. We expect Educ to give us better results, more quickly, with greater consistency across applications. Read more about the Educ: Unified Application Infrastructure.

  • Appreview Plus
  • Courses
  • Grants
  • Educ
  • Students
  • Reporting and Information Dashboards