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June 9, 2015

Spring Quarter – Cycle 11

06/08/2015 — 06/19/2015

Work Complete

Work deviated from plan a bit this cycle as the complexities of the Appreview Plus database migration became clearer. Added a side task of a “Builder” utility which will pay off in efficiency and accuracy over the long term.

Starting to refer to our unified application platform that currently houses the Person and Budget project and will house Appreview Plus as “EDUC”.

Appreview Plus

  • Prepare the unified EDUC project to handle large contexts starting with applicant data. Structure code to have logical segregation of subject matter, while sharing infrastructure. Revise application to find all the existing code in new context organization.
  • Database plan with Entity Relationship Diagram: Restructure application data to be compatible with Grad School application and handle purely local applications. Rename tables and columns to follow unified EDUC database conventions. Unify repetitive tables in applicant data into standard tables that can be used accross unified EDUC database including activity log, email, comments, attachments.
  • Convert ERD into migrations – write application code that creates database tables
  • Email plan – handle existing applicant email history and provide more complete logging going forward
  • Create plan for importing old incomplete applicant data: Bring all data where we have a Grad School applicant record in XML. Bring older records where we have link to UW institutional data example: the applicant has a SDB system key or a UW NetID.


  • Didn’t get food approval complete. This triggered some work to form handling infrastructure in EDUC project which needs to be completed first. Food approval will get taken care of in the upcoming cycle.


  • Refined career import job title merging logic for new titles in this year’s Seattle Public Schools data


  • Add configurable room entity to classroom check utility
  • Removed Do Not Reply message from Help Desk emails, going full release with email ingestion
  • Added editable footer to email


  • Builder utility is a PHP application that writes PHP application code. A certain portion of our application code is predictable based on structure of tables in the database. Instead of repetatively writing out three or four files we created the Builder utility that takes the database structure as input and output the framework of the application code. This save coding time simply by generating the core file, but the big time savings is in the consistency and accuracy of programmatically generated code.
  • MRBS Room Schedule tool on application context menu
  • Standardize new unified EDUC app search menu and page context level menu. Implement menus responsively for small (mobile) screen sizes.

Work Planned

  • Appreview Plus
  • Bizops
  • Budget
  • Person
  • Student Database
  • Tech Support
  • Infrastructure