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June 8, 2015

Spring 2015 — Cycle 10

05/25/2015 — 06/05/2015

Work Complete

This cycle continued to focus on Appreview Plus. Significant work discovering how this is working now and how it should work going forward.

In Business Operations system we worked on implementing Ticket First.

School of Social Work is going to uses our Courses Database at their unit and we provided a little help getting them oriented and took the opportunity to get our documentation refreshed.


  • Move updater code (part of the application that scans Grad School web service and discovers application data) to the new EDUC system. Some revisions and testing to existing import processes (Person, Budget).
  • Restructure EDUC project to contain multiple contexts (Person, Budget, Appreview).
    Create Appreview entities and repository classes.
  • Plan map of existing data, table by table, to new system.

Business Operations

  • Build Ticket First migration script.
  • Continued work implementing Ticket First. Deployed working version to dev for QA and user testing.


  • Delete UW Time Schedule records and child record routines, utility to clean up bad duplicate data.
  • Merge person record tool. Simple fast GUI for combining multiple repetitive person records into a single data point.
  • Refreshed documentation.


  • Fixed bug in bulk email tool.

Students (STEP)

  • Mentor payment report fixed and revised.


  • Review big bicture documents with stakeholders