Office of Institutional Research

June 22, 2015

Spring Quarter – Cycle 12

06/22/2015 — 07/03/2015 Work Complete Appreview Plus Created database migrations. Database “Migrations” are the application code that create database tables. By implementing these in code we can run them systematically on various environments, check them into version control, make them DBMS platform agnostic. Implemented “Old Applicant Data” as array structures contained in DataSource module with

Educ: Unified Application Infrastructure

The College of Education has somewhere between nine and a dozen (depends how you count them) distinct information system applications. Building these applications separately had some advantages. It kept the domain logic specific, gave a clear context to design decisions, prevented cross system bugs, and let us keep iterating on and improving our framework. But

June 9, 2015

Spring Quarter – Cycle 11

06/08/2015 — 06/19/2015 Work Complete Work deviated from plan a bit this cycle as the complexities of the Appreview Plus database migration became clearer. Added a side task of a “Builder” utility which will pay off in efficiency and accuracy over the long term. Starting to refer to our unified application platform that currently houses

June 8, 2015

Appreview Plus

Our existing online applicant review system (SOARS) was built as a view on top of the live Graduate School application data. When you look at the detail page of an applicant in SOARS, a big chunk of what you see gets queried real time from MyGrad. This met the original specifications and has the nice

Ticket First

Our initial requirement for the Business Operations database (Bizops) was to implement an electronic version of the travel form. This was a complex process that frequently required back and forth revision so it was identified by the college process improvement group as a first place to focus. The Bizops system was built using code from

Spring 2015 — Cycle 10

05/25/2015 — 06/05/2015 Work Complete This cycle continued to focus on Appreview Plus. Significant work discovering how this is working now and how it should work going forward. In Business Operations system we worked on implementing Ticket First. School of Social Work is going to uses our Courses Database at their unit and we provided