Technology Center

April 30, 2015

Spring 2015 – Cycle 8

04/27/2015 — 05/08/2015

Work Planned

Over the last couple cycles we have been building out tools to look at people related to COE and what system authorizations they have been given and budget information. These tools have been made available to small SME groups to get feedback on how they should work and what data they should include. This cycle we are focusing on implementing the SME feedback and making the tools more generally available.

  • Budgets
  • Person
  • Bizops
  • Students
  • Recruitment
  • Infrastructure

Work Complete

We got through planned work ahead of schedule this cycle and were able to move forward some enhancements on the Tech Support Ticket DB. One exciting piece (in progress) is ingestion of email directly into ticket messages and workflow. This will greatly increase Help Desk ticket usability and will translate to our work on the Business Operations ticket system.


  • Budget search by budget numbers, PI, OrgCode, or fiscal contact
  • Log changes to budget assignments
  • Report showing last time budget report was generated
  • Separated budget views from person views
  • COE intranet context menu applied to Budgets and Person, will be applied to all COE databases
  • Moved to production

Business Operations

  • Construct “big picture” document for F&A Director and SMEs to review/update
  • Plan “ticket first” strategy to support generalized fiscal office support requests


  • Research and document UW data authorization protocols
  • Plan use cases and authorization for Person, Authorization, Appointment data for all COE job roles


  • Added “admin” role for more granular permissions
  • Fixed email template validation and substitution for From:
  • Copy travel form function
  • Travel form input scrubbing to accept and clean $ sign


  • Import Doctoral Committees from new Grad School file


  • Migrated development environment to UW-IT hosted server, local dev server is shut down
  • Replace website certificates that were generating ugly warnings in Chrome
  • All info systems now log to Google Analytics
  • Revised info system authorizations protocol document

Help Desk Ticket Database

  • Edit value list for problem type and OS
  • Improve tools for managing reservations
  • Started system to allow clients to interact with tickets via email