Technology Center

April 16, 2015

Spring 2015 – Cycle 7

04/13/2015 – 04/24/2015

Work Planned


  • Examine data sharing through COE info systems. Create workflows and documentation of policies and procedure COE info systems will follow.
    • How should CoE information systems given authorization
    • Is there a UW resource for authorization levels
    • What is regulated data (UW Policy, FERPA, etc.)
    • What is sensitive data


  • User testing with Director of Finance and Administration
  • User testing/feedback with FOG+ (financial/operations staff from Miller and COE centers and Miller grants staff)

Business Operations Ticketing Database

  • Update $ fields in travel forms so entries including symbols (i.e. $) don’t affect the workflow


  • Build a delete button for groups
  • Fix the duplicate group creation bug
  • Update error messages for email templates that don’t include values in the subject or from fields