Technology Center

April 30, 2015

Spring 2015 – Cycle 8

04/27/2015 — 05/08/2015 Work Planned Over the last couple cycles we have been building out tools to look at people related to COE and what system authorizations they have been given and budget information. These tools have been made available to small SME groups to get feedback on how they should work and what data…

April 16, 2015

Spring 2015 – Cycle 7

04/13/2015 – 04/24/2015 Work Planned Person Examine data sharing through COE info systems. Create workflows and documentation of policies and procedure COE info systems will follow. How should CoE information systems given authorization Is there a UW resource for authorization levels What is regulated data (UW Policy, FERPA, etc.) What is sensitive data Budgets User…