Technology Center

March 16, 2015

Spring 2015 — Cycle 5

03/16/2015 — 03/27/2015

Work Planned

  • Person Repository
  • Grants
  • Test Scores

Work Complete

Person Repository

  • Import population from users of all COE information systems
  • Import person details for population by querying EDW
  • View of all persons and their current authorization levels in COE information systems
  • Links to authorization tools in individual information systems
  • Create Grants authorization
  • Create STEP authorization
  • Implement UW NetID login and authorization on Room schedule tool
  • Person database deployed to production

Business Operations

  • Update layout of travel reimbursement form (2nd form)
  • Troubleshoot Grad Service Errors on Export
  • Fix search functionality
  • Fix status field so forms set to complete drop into history instead of pending
  • Make the ‘status’ and ‘assigned to’ fields always editable fields by fiscal staff
  • Create a view of the last month’s worth of submissions
  • Remove ‘update’ button in ‘direct report’ listing
  • Change submission listing column ‘title’ and ‘type’ to ‘form’
  • Updates to Travel Request Form (1st form) – delete asterisk, travel designation options, resize amount boxes, remove 3rd destination field and update text in 2nd destination field

Applicant Review

  • App Review bug – empty user
  • App Review – program change not represented in web service
  • Add Grad School status to csv export file in appreview
  • Faculty comments for scholarship, aggregate view

Test Scores

  • Meeting set with SMEs
  • Sample data created


  • Updated bulk email tool to narrow criteria for inclusion into email



  • Provisioned UW-IT hosted dev environment
  • Implemented Laravel PHP framework
  • Tech office equipment inventory tool


  • Planned work missed, pushing to next cycle.