Technology Center

March 4, 2015

Spring Quarterly Roadmap Feedback

Below is a summary of the feedback received from our first quarterly roadmap meeting. Those present at the meeting included members of the Academic Staff Team, Fiscal and HR, Grants team, Office of Student Services, Technology OfficeTeacher Education, Associate Dean.

Feedback solicited included information about subject matter experts and considerations for development with respect to the following four Epics:

Reporting and Information Dashboards

SMEs: Office of Student Services, Research Unit, Financial Staff, FOG+, AD’s (including Teacher Education Dean).


  • Ability for reporting/dashboards to be utilized across platform
  • Using data visualization software, Tableau as a solution?
  • Any need for public dashboards? Dynamic reports on CoE website
  • Applications reports: ways to select what info. you would like to pull for a report (name, gpa, email, etc.)
  • Dashboards (current enrollment info, application info, financial aid, support sources of?, enrollment in classes)


SMEs: Grants team, director admin/finance, AST (for helping w/submitting reimbursements, etc.), Faculty


  • Who is assigned to oversee a particular budget (Roberta, Alayna, Juan, Eric)
  • Pre and Post award staff need to access info
  • Place for staff to access basic info (current grants: PIs, budget #)
  • All Budget # download (fiscal assignment)
  • Info includes all funding types
  • Multiple eGC1#’s and budget #’s for one “Grant”
  • Update grant data daily vs monthly
  • Weigh pros vs cons to see if it adds more layer of system management vs workload reduction grant management when a new system is introduced
  • s/b budget database: pre award? post award: fiscal/budget owner, salary encumbrances, BN, PI + delegated approval person

Accreditation Reporting Requirements

SMEs: admissions staff, certification program staff, certification faculty program heads (school psych, L4L Danforth), edTPA coordinator, certification officer, TEP Directors (requirements + progress), AST lead, Patrick (connects to Professional Division Dean + Directors), TEP Recruiter


  • Strand data whenever possible
  • Flexible architecture (in case of future changes/additions from PESB)
  • Include admissions file+rubric data
  • The ability to pull reports of multiple data points (eg admissions rubrics and edTPA)
  • Export features so we can run reports
  • How do test scores get entered into database? Do we need staff to key data?
  • Transfer all application documents to S-TEP “profile” for program access
  • Include option for signature assessments (numeric + text data)
  • Customize report templates


SMEs: HR director, payroll coordinator, FOG+, Research Unit, Financial Managers


  • Connect courses with hiring/budgeting
  • Salary D-base & Forecasting should be its own epic
  • Salary encumbrances, Fiscal / Budget owner, Salary transfers, distribution
    • OSCTS
    • Distribution changes
    • Approval
  • Is there a need for supervisors/managers to have any of this info?