Office of Institutional Research

February 27, 2015

Winter 2015 — Cycle 4

Work Planned 03/02/2015 — 03/13/2015 Grants Person Test scores Work Complete Grants Search tool for grants database Breadcrumb trail for better navigation Space for agency tracking number and number Download grants report to spreadsheeet Grants import cleanup routines, merge duplicate faculty records Refine columns on report views Person Once we got started on the

February 17, 2015

Winter 2015 – Cycle 3

02/16/2015 — 02/27/2015 Work Planned Grants – sponsor info and views Courses – comments & bugs Recruitment – email Business Ops Ticket System Applicant Review – user management, local data Infrastructure Work Complete Grants Normalize person data, support local person records Refine grant views to emphasize useful information Display originating sponsor and sponsor contact information

February 13, 2015

Winter 2015 – Cycle 2

02/02/2015 — 02/13/2015 = Grants and infrastructure Work Planned Grants Due dates Bizops Infrastructure Refine and document development process Work Complete Bizops Webservice code fixed for person lookup Supervisor Approver labels Populated People Linked reference docs, PowerPoint Multiple adds to field Grants Entity details page for proposal, person, award Due dates IRB approvals Fiscal contacts Authorization

February 6, 2015

Requirements, Stories & Epics

Good requirements are critical to building quality software efficiently. Having shared strategies to define and document requirements helps users, subject matter experts, and developers build a shared understanding of what is needed. Stories User stories are a strategy for describing requirements for a small contained feature. By convention stories include a role, an action, and


Epics describe the top level goals and projects of the college for information system development. We’ve proposed a prioritized list of how urgent these epics are to the college, but we will seek feedback about this prioritization in face-to-face meetings including our quarterly roadmap planning meeting. This list and the priority order will continue to be

Planning Dates

This list shows the dates of our two week development cycles and where the quarterly planning meetings will fall into place. 2015 Winter Quarter Cycle 1: 01/19/2015 – 01/30/2015 – theme is grants and infrastructure Cycle 2: 02/02/2015 – 02/13/2015 – theme is grants and infrastructure Cycle 3: 02/16/2015 – 02/27/2015 Cycle 4: 03/02/2015 –

February 4, 2015

Tech Support

The Tech Support Ticket system is available to faculty, students, and staff of the UW College of Education. If you should have access to this system contact the COE Help Desk. Website URL: Purpose The client interface of the Tech Support Ticket system allows faculty, students, and staff of the UW College of Education to


The Student database (STEP) is a student advising tool available to faculty and staff in the College of Education. If you need access to this system, contact the COE Help Desk. Website URL: Purpose The student database supports College of Education program operations such as advising and reporting on current (and past) students in


The Recruitment data­base is an inter­nal tool avail­able to fac­ulty and staff in the Col­lege of Edu­ca­tion who work with prospective students. If you need access to this sys­tem, con­tact the COE Help Desk. Web­site URL: Purpose Recruitment database is a custom built customer relationship management system for COE prospective students. It stores contact information and prospect interests. The

Applicant Review

The Applicant Review database is an internal tool available to faculty and staff in the College of Education involved in application review. If you need access to this system, contact the COE Help Desk. Website URL: Purpose The Student Online Applicant Review System (nicknamed SOARS) is a system to allow College faculty committees to review application files, record

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