January 7, 2014

Interview with Dr. Rudd: Earning Your Doctorate Sooner May Give You an Edge

Dr. Elizabeth Rudd was interviewed for an article in GradPsych using data from our Social Science PhDs – Five + Years study.  Out to answer the question of the effect of time-to-degree on the prestige of the first job. Earning Your Doctorate Sooner May Give You an Edge

September 18, 2012

Elizabeth Rudd

Dr. Elizabeth  Rudd is a social science analyst in the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Office of Policy Development and Research, Division of Program Evaluation. Dr. Rudd is an experienced evaluator of innovative doctoral education programs funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation to promote interdisciplinary research. She is currently evaluating a new Ph.D….

November 13, 2011

Early Career of Recent U.S. Social Science PhDs. Learning and Teaching

In this article, we analyze findings of the largest, most comprehensive survey of the career paths of social science PhD graduates to date, Social Science PhDs Five+ Years Out (SS5). SS5 surveyed more than 3,000 graduates of U.S. PhD programmes in six social science fields six to ten years after earning their PhD. The survey collected data on…

What Matters for Excellence in PhD Programs?: Latent Constructs of Doctoral Program Quality Used by Early Career Social Scientists

This paper unpacks how social science doctorate-holders come to evaluate overall excellence in their PhD training programs based on their domain-specific assessments of aspects of their programs. Latent class analysis reveals that social scientists 6-10 years beyond their PhD evaluate the quality of their doctoral program with one of two approaches. Graduates of elite programs…

November 13, 2010

Are You Satisfied? PhD Education and Faculty Taste for Prestige-Limits of the Prestige Value System

This paper empirically evaluates Caplow and McGee’s (The academic marketplace, 1958) model of academia as a prestige value system (PVS) by testing several hypotheses about the relationship between prestige of faculty appointment and job satisfaction. Using logistic regression models to predict satisfaction with several job domains in a sample of more than 1,000 recent social…

July 16, 2008

Social Sciences PhDs – Five+ Years out survey

The Social Science PhDs—Five+ Years Out survey is CIRGE’s latest contribution to the PhD career path and retrospective program evaluation research. Funded by the Ford Foundation, Social Science PhDs—Five+ Years Out, surveyed PhD recipients who received their degrees between 1995 and 1999 from 65 U.S. universities in six disciplines—anthropology, communications, geography, history, political science, and…

April 3, 2008

Social Science PhDs-Five+ Years Out: Geography PhDs

Geography respondents from the Social Science PhD’s – Five+ Years Out survey reflected upon their doctoral education and indicated areas that could use improvement, including: career preparation for academic and non-academic careers, help with publishing from the dissertation advisor, training in writing and publishing received during PhD studies, and training for teaching. Babbit, V., Rudd,…