Forces & Forms Network: Members

The workshops “Forces and Forms of Change in Doctoral Education Worldwide“, held in Seattle (2005), Melbourne (2007), and Kassel (2009), developed and fostered a multinational network.  The network  represents experts in doctoral education from key countries and regions in the world and include a wide variety of interdisciplinary background.

The Forces and Forms  network is a vehicle for exchange and centralization of information and research findings, and is a means of stimulating the production and synthesis of knowledge about innovations in doctoral education.

Armando Alcantara
 Jorge Balan
Sandra Elman
 Barbara Evans
Terry Evans
Jessica Graybill
Fred L. Hall 
 Barbara Kehm 
 Chaya Herman
Louis Maheu 
Catherine Manathunga
Helene Marsh 
Thoko Mayekiso 
Li Min 
Maresi Nerad 
 Renato J. Ribeiro 

 Elizabeth Rudd
 Vivek Shandas

Beate Scholz

 C. Schneijderberg