September 24, 2012

Setting International Research Agendas

Forces and Forms of Doctoral Education Worldwide workshops have contributed to develop research agendas among more than 60 experts on doctoral education from the six continents.   This effort, coordinated and lead by CIRGE, has encouraged and generated a multi-national perspective of the issues that are re-shaping the doctoral education around the world. See in…

Doctoral Education: Gender and Family Issues

Graduate Women’s Expectations in Doctoral Programs and Beyond: Marriage, Family and Career. Download:  Nerad, M. & Cerny, J. (1999). Widening the Circle: Another Look at Women Graduate Students. Communicator, VXXXIII. N 6, pp.1-7. Download: Widening the Circle: Another Look at Women Graduate Students Nerad, M. (1992). Using Time, Money, and Human Resources Efficiently and Effectively in the…

Professional Development of Doctorate Students

PhD holders are requested to collaborate, interact and communicate with professionals that come from different cultural and disciplinary backgrounds. This section provides a set of studies that shed light about those factors that are crucial in the professional development of the doctorate holders in this global and more challenging environment:   Nerad, M. (2000). On…

Institutional Responses

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September 18, 2012

William Zumeta

Dr. William Zumeta joined the Evans School faculty at the University of Washington, Seattle in the fall of 1985. He served as associate dean from 2001-05 and acting dean from March-August in 1988. He previously taught at the University of British Columbia, University of California-Los Angeles, and the Claremont Graduate University. In addition to his…

Angela Ginorio

Dr. Angela Ginorio is associate professor in Women Studies, and adjunct associate professor in the Departments of Psychology and American Ethnic Studies at the University of Washington-Seattle. She teaches courses on “Women and/Science,” “Issues for ethnic minorities and women in science and engineering” and “Women and Violence.” She developed and directed the Rural Girls in…

Emory Morrison

Emory Morrison has been affiliated with CIRGE since the 2004 to 2005 academic year when he held an appointment as a Post Doctoral Fellow. Subsequent to this appointment, Emory has maintained his association with CIRGE as an affiliate faculty member while his primary appointment was with Mississippi State University as an Assistant Professor of Sociology….

Elizabeth Rudd

Dr. Elizabeth  Rudd is a social science analyst in the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Office of Policy Development and Research, Division of Program Evaluation. Dr. Rudd is an experienced evaluator of innovative doctoral education programs funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation to promote interdisciplinary research. She is currently evaluating a new Ph.D….

September 14, 2012

Patricia Novick

Dr. Patricia Novick has been a corporate executive, consultant, trainer, and coach for more than three decades, specializing in the intersection between leadership and personal effectiveness. She was Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at McDonald’s and Executive Director of the Social Venture Network, an organization of CEOs of large, socially-conscious businesses. She has advised leaders…

Myan Baker

Dr. Myan Baker is a pioneer in the field of organizational evolution and specializes in supporting innovation by conceptualizing and implementing change-related systems strategies, models and processes that emphasize shifting mindsets and re-framing relationships. She has consulted to leaders of more than 400 organizations, networks and alliances, including private sector corporations and e-businesses, national and…

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