How it Works

Request for Help

Step 1: Request for Help

A teacher requests help from the behavior support team. The team’s coordinator is automatically notified and assigns a coach. The coach reviews the teacher’s request and contacts the teacher.

Classroom Check

Step 2: Classroom Check

The coach and the teacher use the Classroom Check as a guide for classroom-wide supports. The coach visits the class to look for any classroom-wide support strategies that could help the student. In some cases, a classroom-wide strategy is sufficient and the student does not need individualized support.

FBA Summary

Step 3: FBA Summary

If classroom-wide changes are not sufficient, the team conducts a functional behavior assessment (FBA). They develop a hypothesis of the student’s problem behavior, and their assessment may be brief or in depth. The coach uses the FBA Summary to document the results and provide information for the Intervention Plan.


Step 4: Intervention Plan

The coach and the teacher, using input from the team, plan how the teacher will teach the student a new behavior that replaces the problem behavior. Their Intervention Plan uses function-based strategies to prevent problems, teach skills, reinforce the student’s behavior, and respond to problem behavior.

Progress Chart

Step 5: Progress Chart

Each day after implementing the intervention, the teacher records the student’s response by entering two data points on the Progress Chart and adding descriptive notes. The coach and teacher continue to review the student’s progress and adjust the intervention until behavior supports are no longer needed.