Equitable Parent-School Collaboration

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We are excited to announce the Users Guide for Family Engagement Survey is complete and ready to use.

Users Guide

This user’s guide contains our newest version of the family engagement survey, a tool to measure family engagement from an equity perspective.  This survey and user’s guide is the result of a two-year process of design and piloting in the Renton school district.  It builds off of our previous work with CCER and the Road Map Project to define indicators of equitable parent engagement.

Click here to view our report–Charting A Course to Equitable Collaborations: Learning From Parent Engagement Initiatives in The Roadmap Project

The indicators component of the Equitable Parent-School Collaboration Research Project entails the collaborative development of common parent engagement indicators. The development of common parent engagement indicators supports the Road Map Project’s emphasis on the aligned use of data to encourage strategic action and drive improvement.


Click Here for a copy of our WhitePaper on Parent Engagement Indicators in the Roadmap Region 

Our subsequent design work with Kent School District and Neighborhood House seeks to co-develop “next” practices in building more equitable collaboration between parents, families, communities and schools.

[1] Districts in the Road Map region include Auburn School District, Federal Public Schools, Highline Public Schools, Kent School District, Renton School District, Seattle Public Schools (South Seattle schools only), and Tukwila School District.