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Jessica Graybill


Dr. Jessica Graybill is an Assistant Professor in the Geography Department at Colgate University.  Her interdisciplinary pedagogy and research is in Urban Ecology, Urban Political Ecology, and Urban and Environmental Issues of the Former Soviet Union. Publications include The Rough Guide to Interdisciplinarity: Graduate Student Experiences (2006) and Continuity and Change: (Re)Constructing Geographies of the Environment in Late Soviet And …

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Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Interdisciplinarity

The US National Science Foundation’s Integrative Graduate Education and Research Training (IGERT) programs aim to encourage new approaches to interdisicplinary education.  IGERTS are developed to meet the challenges of educating doctoral level scientists, engineers and educators with the interdisciplinary background, deep knowledge in chosen disciplines and the technical, professional and interpersonal skills to lead their fields and become creative agents …

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