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PhDs in Art History—Over a Decade Later

PhDs in Art History – Over a Decade Later surveyed all PhD recipients who graduated from US art and architectural history programs during the academic years 1985 to 1991. The survey response rate was 66 percent (792 respondents). Respondents completed a 22-page questionnaire that focused on their employment histories from degree completion to the present and on the intersection of …

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Social Science PhDs—Five+ Years Out: A National Survey of PhDs in Six Fields—Highlights Report

To assess the career path of social science PhDs and the quality of doctoral programs, the Center for Innovation and Research in Graduate Education (CIRGE) at the University of Washington, Seattle surveyed recent PhDs, asking them about the application of their education in their subsequent careers. This report concludes that students in social science PhD programs are well prepared for …

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Using an Alignment Model as a Framework in the Assessment of Doctoral Programs

To assist in addressing current issues in doctoral education, this chapter presents a particular framework for successful doctoral programs and discusses implications of that framework for program assessment.  This alignment model suggests that successful doctoral programs involve a process of aligning program activities, students and faculty/staff in their specific contexts in order to achieve desired outcomes of helping students complete …

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Paths and Perception: Assessing Doctoral Education Using Career Path Analysis

Uses the results from the PhDs – Ten Years Later survey in two disciplines, English and mathematics, to demonstrate the assessment value of understanding student career paths and student evaluations of doctoral programs in light of their career paths. Aanerud, R., Homer, L., Neard, M., & Cerny, J. (2006). Paths and Perceptions: Assessing Doctoral Education using Career Path Analysis.” In …

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