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Sandra Elman


Sandra Elman is the President of the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) in Redmond, Washington. From 2003-2006, Dr. Elman served as Chair of the Council of Regional Accrediting Commissions (CRAC) that is comprised of the directors and chairs of the seven regional accrediting commissions. Prior to assuming the position of the President of NWCCU in 1996, Dr. Elman …

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The Institution Cares: Berkeley’s Efforts to Support Dissertation Writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences

In the humanities and social sciences, the time to finish a doctoral degree, and especially the dissertation-writing stage of the doctoral degree, can be significantly influenced if students work in a collaborative environment; are not left alone in their struggle to progress with their disserations; interact with their advisors frequently; are given information about academic publishing; and have a financial …

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Beyond Traditional Modes of Mentoring

This chapter describes the four major strategies developed at the University of California Berkeley to assist faculty in advising graduate students. Examples of the strategies in action are included from the In Balance Program. Nerad, M. (1995). Beyond Traditional Modes of Mentoring. In Nancy A Gaffney, Ed, A Conversation About Mentoring: Trends and Models,  Washington, D.C.: Council of Graduate Schools, pp. …

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