Finally Equal Footing for Women in Social Science Careers?

This CIRGE Spotlight focuses on the potential for gender equality in careers of social science doctorate holders using findings from Social Science PhDs–Five+ Years Out, CIRGE’s national study of recent graduates in six fields. We find surprising equality in early careers of men and women: men and women are equally likely to begin careers in a tenure-track position and equally likely to ever be on tenure track at Research 1 institutions. Yet we find that this equality of beginnings is unlikely to last over the course of these cohorts’ careers. Further, women seem to be “subsidizing” equality in PhD careers by paying higher personal costs than men do.

Rudd, E., Morrison, E., Picciano, J., &  Nerad, M. (2008). Finally equal footing for women in social science careers? CIRGE Spotlight on Doctoral Education #1. CIRGE: University of Washington, Seattle, WA.

Download: Finally Equal Footing for Women in Social Science Careers?